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Procedure OnlineDepot

a. Creation of a registration

A registration can be created on-line and free of charge.
The user fills in a form with following data:
1. Title of the work (poss. Work’s title)
2. Genre of the work
The data of at the most 4 co-authors can be added.
Afterwards, 4 digital files can be matched to the registration.
The digital files must meet following conditions:
• At the most 10Mb / file
• Only following formats are allowed: doc (Word), pdf (Adobe), mp3 (music), wma
(music), gif (picture), jpg (picture), bmp (picture), tiff (picture), png (picture), mp4
(video), avi (video), mpeg (video), xls (Excel), zip, rar, mdb (database)
After validation of the form and approval of the general conditions, the files will be

b. Confirmation of the registration

Once the files have been uploaded, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail with
following data:
• Work’s title
• Name & first name
• E-mail address
• The registration’s unique reference number
• Date & hour of the registration
• Name, file’s size and type of each uploaded file
• MD5 & SHA256 checksum of each file (see below: encryption)
This e-mail will be signed digitally (see below: encryption).

c. Asking for a proof of registration

In case of disputed matters, the user can ask SABAM to provide him with a ‘proof’ of the
1. The user forwards the e-mail, with the received PDF-document, to SABAM with
notice of his post address
2. The user receives from SABAM an e-mail containing payment information
3. The user transfers the sum of 30 Euro into SABAM’s account
4. You receive by post a form with following data:
• work’s title
• first name and name
• e-mail address
• date and hour of registration (server time)
• unique registration code
• links with the registered files (remain valid during 1 year with at the most 30
• MD5 & SHA256 checksum of each file
This form will be stamped and signed by a staff member of SABAM.

d. Duration of the registration

Registrations remain valid during 5 years. After this period, the latter will be removed from the server except for an extension. The removal occurs automatically and is definitive. The user receives automatically an e-mail sent by the system with notice of the
registration’s expiry on following dates:
• after 4.5 years (6 months before the removal)
• after 4.75 years (3 months before the removal)

e. Registration’s extension

Extension’s duration: 5 years
1. The user forwards to SABAM the extension request together with the original e-mail
containing the registration number and the PDF-document
2. The user receives from SABAM an e-mail containing payment information
3. The user transfers the sum of 10 Euro into SABAM’s account
4. The user receives an e-mail confirming the registration’s extension (including
information about duration, title, number, …)

f. Encryption

In order to preserve the system from any fraud, two digital check numbers will be calculated for each file: MD5 and SHA256. The method for calculating these two check numbers has been properly documented, is extremely safe and has been accepted worldwide as a standard. The probability that two files with a different content would generate identical check numbers is zero. Each modification of these files’ content, whatever small, results in completely different check numbers. You receive these check numbers by e-mail (see: confirmation registration). In case of a dispute, whereby the authenticity of the files put at disposal by SABAM is being put into question, this can be checked by recalculating the check numbers of the files put at disposal and by comparing this with the numbers that the applicants have received for confirmation at the time of their application for registration. Because these check numbers are easy to calculate by oneself, it is possible to forge the confirmation e-mail. In order to completely exclude this possibility, the digital confirmation e-mail will be signed in accordance with the RSA-principle. Each modification of the email’s content will result in an invalid signature check. This digital signature is unique per e-mail and cannot be forged. The combination of the check numbers and the digital signature guarantees the files’ authenticity.